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Got an idea which you’d like to bring to life? Let us help you!
We can take any sketch or 2D design you come up with, and cut it from basically almost any material you wish to use.

To get a price quote, follow these steps: Star of david cut out of a 50mm steel block
  • Send us your design by email or fax (08-6110100), we can accept most common vector art files such as Autocad DWG, Adobe Illustrator, DXF is the prefered file format.

  • If you don't have the utilities to create your own CAD file, we can do it for a nominal fee.

  • If there is text involved in your design, make sure to choose from our broad font collection, or email us your own font.

  • Decide on your exact dimensions, as well as thickness and type of material, that is critical for us to know the proper cutting speed, and give you a realastic price estimate.

  • If you have a large scale project, it's possible to provide a sample first.

  • Feel free to ask us any further inquiries, and to coordinate transfer of the chosen material.